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02/08/13 08:23 AM #1    

Connie Russell (Saxon) (1973)

Welcome to the John I Leonard High School Class Of 1973 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/24/13 12:43 PM #2    

Lynne Downing (Poole) (1973)

Thanks to all the people who made this site possible! It is amazing what social networking sites have made possible to reconnect with friends that have not been is contact for years and this is a more directed forum! This only thing that seems to be missing is pictures! I for one would love to see what you all look like these days. Maybe add a section for photos of the reunion??? for those who can't get there???

03/24/13 12:45 PM #3    

Lynne Downing (Poole) (1973)

Duh - just found pictures! I will add some soon!


03/25/13 08:00 PM #4    


Diane Morin (1973)

So glad to have you on board, Lynn! We are still getting used to this site too so bear with us! Keep in touch!



10/06/13 05:13 PM #5    

Michael D. Juzwick (Juzwick) (1973)

Hi John I Leonard Lancers!

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I may not be able to join you good Southern folks for our 40 th Reunion.  I miss & think of you all, and, pray for your betterment.  Living near my son Justin here in the great Northwest State of Washington has been difficult due to it being very cold in the Winter months & pollen count has aggravated my alllergies.  I relocted here after my mother died in 2008 after helping her since 1988 during her widow years.  My sister Dianna also passed on in 2002.  

I am working to develop ministry materials to help the parents of our nation.  Here is a link to see some videos on my new YouTube Channel.  Share them with parents & grandparents you think may be helped knowing more about what the Holy Bible tells us about that great work.  You are in my prayers...

03/23/18 12:27 PM #6    


Diane Morin (1973)

Hello fellow Lancers!

The time has come to plan a reunion of the best looking class to come out of JIL!! Please message that you have connected to this site if you would. Update your profiles please!  We are only using fb to announce and steer to this site so keep this website dear to your hearts!  Post any pics and dates of any pics you may have from our school years or previous reunions you have attended.

We are gearing for a November gathering. Will know more and pass it on to you as we know more! Pass this site on to anyone on the list that you are in touch with.

Last but not least, if you know of any classmates that have passed other than the ones listed please be so kind as to let us know so we can honor them.

As always,

Your devoted reunion committee

03/23/18 12:28 PM #7    


Diane Morin (1973)

PS:  I still look like my picture๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

03/23/18 12:50 PM #8    


Daryl Meiklejohn (Moore) (1973)

I am grateful for your hard work & time putting this monumental task together.  I am living in TN now, but am hopeful to be at the reunion!  Can't wait to see everyone!

03/25/18 08:36 AM #9    

Gerall Bradshaw (1973)

The road goes on forever... and the party never ends!!!

03/26/18 11:07 AM #10    

Connie Russell (Saxon) (1973)

We love doing it and it gives us a chance to go to dinner, talk and drink.  Looking forward to seeing you. 

03/26/18 08:32 PM #11    


Cathy Savarese (Hazzlerigg) (1973)

Thank you for your hard work and dedication in working on these reunions.  Looking forward to hearing more details for November as you progress.   

03/27/18 08:55 AM #12    

Margaret Hunter (Croxford) (1973)

I have moved back to Florida!  Looking forward to reconnecting. :)

04/03/18 10:34 AM #13    


Diane Morin (1973)

Thank you those who are posting and responding!  Remember to get your fellow classmates to update their profile and even leave a message!  Stay well and happy and we’ll see you in the fall!!!

Your reunion committee

05/19/18 11:49 AM #14    


Jim Dees (1973)

Any news on the projected date of this shindig?


05/20/18 06:41 PM #15    


Greg Croucher (1973)

Can't wait

05/21/18 12:41 PM #16    

Gerall Bradshaw (1973)

Hey Bro! You're looking just like your Dad to me!!! Hope all's well and maybe I'll see you in WPB sometime when I'm down from Virginia!!! DJ Gerry Bradshaw 540-842-1728 (cell)

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